Primarily based in Davao City, we specialize in customized and sophisticated modular kitchen cabinets, drawers, islands, and countertops that connects classic and modern interpretations that will withstand the test of time.

We aim to provide a home that matches personal style with clean, finer, and timeless details, durable and has exquisite value.

Creating a dynamic and free-flowing kitchen, making it the heart of every home, we at Mazzini are committed to providing products fit to every kitchen design needs. Designs that set an opportunity to bring exquisite Italian design and materials in the country, and the local region, while utilizing German machinery technology for precise craftsmanship.

Through our products and services, we are also determined to empower people on creating a positive home environment that can create change in their lives.


As most leaders say, great companies can provide quality through the processes they put for their products and services. Especially for customers, where their requirements and satisfaction are crucial. As part of the brands of Southern Urban Kitchens Inc., we adopted the Quality Management System, where we gain a better process. It documents the procedures and responsibilities of our team for the improved quality of our products or services. This also improves our teams’ function, where positive operational performance is being gained toward every project’s success.


Ensuring comfort from every detail in your kitchen, we can optimize the design of your home with the partnership to international and trusted brands. They bring forth the maximized convenience in movement, and capable to offer satisfying warranties, enhancing the total home experience for you and your loved ones.

Also, as the only BLUM Pilot in Mindanao, we can maximize the functionality of our kitchen products with their lift, hinge, runner systems, and four different motion technologies that add to the convenient movement in your entire kitchen space.