Sustaining an ISO 9001:2015 QMS helps Southern Urban Kitchens to ensure continuous business process improvements as a trust element with stakeholders.



by: Lemuel Timothy Gabriel and Ed Frugalidad

Integrity is one of the core values that Southern Urban Kitchens, Inc (SUKI) embodies to ensure that its Quality Management System (QMS) is adherent to the requirements of its ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certification. One proactive approach is by making sure all of its Documented Information System (DIS) Control is in the right place and under care by the right DIS keeper, as well as securing better communication and reports along the Mazzini and Valore business transactions for continuous business process improvements.  SUKI creates an array of QMS Teams, one of which is the Document Controllers, who have been vested with the responsibility for the upkeep and improvements of its business process interfaces and see to it that the DIS control of the company proves conformity to ISO 9001:2015 QMS requirements. The QMS Teams also facilitate quality circle meetings, pep talks and learning sessions at designated SUKI Plant Office and work areas together with the Team Heads. The sessions are aimed at and able to capture all aspects of SUKI’s documented information control. They were able to identify the current state and tackle significant issues and aspects on how to properly assess the Company’s documented information control, role of  each document custodian or controller, and how to progress in all their undertakings as part of the internal controls that must be kept in mind while interfacing with the company’s stakeholders for essential business process improvements.

The output of the assessment helps to identify the critical areas in the context of documented information control, and other aspects involved such as procedures and policies that need attention from the management and may be deemed necessary for revisions. Hence acquiring an effective data integration that contributes to better and faster processes of documents of SUKI would not only lead to better business process improvements but a tool for mutual trust among customers.

As some leaders in SUKI say, great companies are built through the quality they put in their processes and on doing their products and services for their customers, and that is how Southern Urban Kitchens, Inc, aims. Through putting adequate support especially on the Quality Management System of the company, and its processes as well, the top management continuously quests to adapt and recognize the international standards or systems that can document the processes, procedures and responsibilities for a better quality and superior products or services of the company. Thus, the journey of Southern Urban Kitchens, Inc. (SUKI), covering the brands of Mazzini and Valore, the pursuit for the continual improvements of its ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certification is on a fast-lane destined towards higher quality in products and services, and business process improvements.



by: Argie Louie Puetes

Good Housekeeping is not just about tidiness in a company, it’s about establishing framework and foundation toward productive operation and workplace maintenance, accident-free workplace, and business process improvements. As Southern Urban Kitchens, Inc. launches its 5’S of Good Housekeeping, which promotes a work environment kept in a sorted out, uncluttered and danger-free condition, Project Teams participated in a seminar for Good Housekeeping. It enables them to better understand the importance of productivity and work-attitude for a neat, organized and safe work space, which can reduce stress and increase effectiveness in daily work activities, as well as continuous business process improvements.


 by: Lemuel Timothy Gabriel and Argie Louie Puetes

Emphasizing quality as one of the most essential components of SUKI’s products and services it offers to its customers. As it aims to be the leading manufacturer of modular storage systems in the industry, Southern Urban Kitchens, Inc. implements an array of Quality Circle initiatives, one of which is the Toolbox and Safety Meetings at the work sites prior to the start of a job or work shift. Continual business process improvements are what the Production Department aims to better improve the productivity of the company in collaboration with the support services segment of the Company. The Toolbox and Safety meetings focus on operational and safety measures and concerns on every first Monday of the month implementing orderliness allowing all employees to be aware of the different safety aspects related to their prospective jobs. It is a good and effective method of making our employees absorb fresh knowledge from the meeting since it explains what to be done prior to work. Also, 5’S of Good Housekeeping is part of the Quality Circles’ improvement activities that the Production Department is implementing every Saturday. It aims that 5’s through cleaning and sorting out their workplaces, will lead to improved productivity, enhanced quality, cost efficiency and continuous business process improvements.