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Door Maintenance

To clean the laminate doors, use soft cloths slightly moistened with a window cleaner.

What should you do?
Use soft cloths slightly moistened, then with a dry cloth.

What should you NOT do?
Do not use aggressive detergents, abrasive powders, acid water scale-removers, or pure bleach because they could spoil the finish.
Do not use products containing wax or silicone because they can produce shades with different brightness.

WARNING: do not clean the laminated doors with bleach (sodium hypochlorite).

The glass can be either a tempered material or tinted traditional glass.

What should you do?
If the glass is a tempered material, which has undergone a process that makes it five times more resistant than traditional glass, use everyday glass cleaning products or detergents. If it is a glass material with a tinted design, use regular window cleaning items.

What should you NOT do?
Sliding metal or sharp materials over the glass surface leaves marks, and partly create micro-cavities, and especially to the breakage of the micro-ridges created by the acid treatment.